I wish that when they asked us: ‘What is surfing?’ I would have said it’s a spiritual activity,
and not just a sport, because that’s what put us on the wrong track
— Nat Young
Hynd x Frank

Hynd x Frank

In 1995 Jon Frank, Andrew Kidman and Mark Sutherland made the seminal surfing film Litmus. Two decades later they've reunited with Derek Hynd, whose J-Bay sessions in the original film are the stuff of legend. His surfing reset what surfers worldwide wanted beneath their feet and led to the biggest revolution in boards since the shortboard. Derek is joined by several members of the original cast to consider where their lives lived through surfing have taken them. What differing paths have been travelled by the core Litmus protagonists since then and now? 

The film and book explores these interweaving journeys with candid photography and interviews obtained during these decades. It is a fascinating in-depth character study of surfing’s most original thinker.

Beyond Litmus is being released with a 100 page hardbound book, signed and numbered and limited to only 1500 copies. The film is shipped as a DVD sleeved within the book and includes a digital download code to suit modern viewing habits. The book also features complete transcripts from the filmed interviews and detailed Liebovitz light box images of Derek Hynd's original surfboards ridden in Litmus.

Beyond Litmus charts the early years of Kidman and Frank’s relationship with Hynd, including rare footage and interviews from the Litmus period rescued from the cutting room floor. It’s a veritable Hi-8 rampage.